Weekly Weigh In (late)!

Last week I didn’t do a weekly weigh in post, a lot has been going on, but I’ll include all of that in an updated journal entry.

Start weight: 237.3

Current weight: 233

Total Weight lost: 4.3 lbs

It’s slow, but steady progress.  I haven’t been doing a good job of recording my workouts because I honestly haven’t been working out this past couple of weeks.  I have been improving my eating habits though, and it is paying off.

I’m going to start blogging about my workouts more often.  Thanks for reading, until next week.


Weekly Weigh in

I did pretty well with eating healthy and working out, each day I did a minimum of at least walking for thirty minutes during my lunch break.

However, this weekend, I did eat like crap.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t…. I still feel like I am taking steps in the right direction, and doing better!

Start Weight: 237.3lbs

Current Weight:  235lbs

Total Weight loss this week:  2.3lbs

Clearly the extra activity has paid off, and the better choices during the week.

I didn’t do my measurements this week, but will next week.

Goal for this week is to stay eating healthfully during the weekend, as well as the week.  No eating in the middle of the night (which I have been successful with this week).  I am feeling good about my progress so far, but I know that there are changes to my diet that need to be made.

Baby steps!


March 15, 2017 Workouts

I ate pretty healthy today, I just didn’t take the time to write it down. I eat almost the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch. I apologize that this is short, but I did a ton of running around today, and it’s already past my bedtime. I had a dr appointment this morning and went to work immediately after.  Anyway, onto the workouts…:

40 minute walk during lunch break

20 sit-ups 

8 crunches

8 leg raises

12 second plank 

10 minute arm workout 

My body is sore just from what I have done the last few days! But I sure do feel great! 

Food Diary: March 14, 2017


Iced white chocolate americano with coconut milk 

Plain Greek Fage Organic Yogurt, granola (26g), 3 fresh cut strawberries 

Snack: Cutie mandarin orange 

Lunch: Spicy Italian sandwich on whole wheat bread

Snack: Sea salted organic potato chips (one serving), cottage cheese (1/4 cup)

Dinner: Organic creamy tomato soup with a large green leaf lettuce salad 

Snack: Lightly salted almonds (1 serving) 

Water: 80 oz


14 minute ab workout (Blogilates)

15 minute butt and thigh workout (Blogilates)

30 minute walk during lunch break 

I confess I did wake up in the middle of the night and have one bite of rock road ice cream. All I had was one bite! That’s progress for me to be able to take one bite and walk away!

I’m going to be cutting the coffee out starting tomorrow morning as I realize the added sugar from the coffee is not benefiting me. I may just change it to black coffee with a splash of cream. 

That’s all for today!

Food Diary: March 13, 2017


Quad white chocolate Americano with coconut milk (I am aware that this isn’t healthy, but I am all about honesty here!)

Plain Greek Fage Organjc Yogurt  (1/2 cup) with fresh strawberries (3 cut strawberries) and granola (26g)

This looks like a much larger portion because of how the photo was taken, but these are small Tupperware containers.

Snack: Cutie mandarin orange

Lunch: Turkey club sandwich on whole what bread with lettuce (turkey meat, ham, and two slices of bacon).

Snack:  One hard boiled egg (organic and vegetarian fed), and 28 lightly salted almonds (one serving). The mandarin orange was my morning snack!

Dinner:  Half of a steak, sautéed spinach with garlic. I know it looks quite big in the picture but keep in mind the plate isn’t a full sized plate, it’s actually a saucer.

Snack:  1 serving of sea salted potato chips with 1/4 cup cottage cheese (didn’t snap a photo of this, sorry!)

Water consumption:  100oz

Made it through the day with no binges and without overeating! Yay!!!


15 min walking at a fast pace/incline on treadmill

15 min on the elliptical

30 min walk during my lunch break

15 sit ups

10 leg raises

5 crunches

5 leg raises

10 second plank

Weekly Weigh in and Initial Measurements

Weight: 237.3 (Gained 2.3lbs)

Neck: 14.75 in

Biceps: 15 in

Bust (w/sports bra): 44.5in

Smallest part of waist: 40 in

Waist measurement belly button: 45in

Muffin top/fat apron: 50 in

Largest part of hips: 50.25

Since my last post last week, I gained two pounds. I have only just taken all of my measurements this morning after going to the gym. I want to begin this post on a positive note.  I did get up on time this morning, at 3am, and made it to the gym.  I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, and 15 minutes on the elliptical, I did roughly over two miles.  Keep in mind that this is my very first workout in a lonnnnnggggg time.  After working out, I managed to come home and stretch.  I downloaded an app for a thirty day ab challenge, and completed day one.  The goal here is to start small, and build myself up to be stronger, better, and more healthy.  I also managed to squeeze in a meditation this morning! J

I went for a thirty minute walk this afternoon for my lunch break. I have to say that today is the first day in a while that I have felt consistently happier throughout the day, and more productive.

I made a schedule for myself to follow for the mornings, and afternoons when I get home to better manage my time, squeeze in a workout, get the sleep I need, and also take the time to prepare healthier meals and to not eat compulsively.

Usually as soon as I get home from work I head straight to the kitchen, and will start eating; a horrible habit that I am going to break, day by day, moment by moment. That’s all I can do is take it a moment at a time.  It’s embarrassing having relapsed, and admitting that I struggle with this problem with food.  I feel like talking about it and being honest with myself is helping.  I made zero progress this past week.  However, this is a new week, and I will do better.

In documenting this process, I have to document my failures as well as my success because I want other people to know that they aren’t alone, and that this journey to health and recovery (for any fellow binge eaters reading this) won’t be perfect. A success story isn’t all about success, it’s about failures too.  I won’t allow this failure to hinder my success.

I also struggle with depression, and had a really bad week. Pretty much was compulsively eating my feelings every evening, and the result of that, was my gaining weight.

However, I will say that today has been a really great day, and I am confident that I will make it through today. I have managed to stay well hydrated, and eat healthfully.  Night time is when I struggle the most, but again, my hopes are high for this evening!  I’ll be doing posts of weekly weigh ins/recaps/measurements.

I am going to do my best to post daily food diaries at the end of each day. This way, I am accountable for what I am eating!  I am not counting calories currently, for now, my ‘diet’ plan is to stay away from refined and processed sugars/carbohydrates.  I am trying to stick to natural foods, vegetables with whole grains and proteins.  I am going for more ‘low carbohydrate’ eating, but not completely cutting carbs out, just eating the ‘healthy carbs’.

I will also be posting which workouts I did that day, along with the food diaries.  It may be a bit inconsistent, but I will do my best.  I also want to document my fitness goals, as well, not just measure success by how much I weigh, but by what I am able to do physically.  I will be timing myself most likely at the end of the week on my two mile run, how many sit-ups and push-ups I can do in two minutes.  Yes, this resembles the army physical fitness test, this is the only way I really know how to measure my fitness as I was in the army for eight years, so I will be doing it this way, for now!

Overall, I am feeling really good about today and this week. I feel like it’s going to go really well because I am ready to commit to this, and have made a schedule that I can successfully stick to.

The things that make weight loss and healthy eating so difficult (

What is it that makes weight loss and healthy eating so difficult, and what can I do to help change that on my own personal journey?  These are some challenges I know that I face.  In writing about them, I am hoping to come up with solutions and to help others who deal with the same struggles that I have!  I want to note that this will come off as me making excuses, and you are absolutely correct, a lot of them are just that, excuses.  Which is why I am identifying them and working to ditch them! We all have our excuses and reasons why we can’t and don’t do things.  All that matters is being able to identify them and work toward solutions to stop making excuses and start doing the things we say we want to do.

Time Management:  Finding, and making the time to workout.  As a working mother of two small children, I honestly feel like I spend the majority of my time at work.  On top of working, I have a pretty long commute to and from work.  I spend a total of almost two hours of my day just driving to and from work.  I spend nine hours at work, so already, eleven hours of my are invested into my job.  Due to the hours that I work, I need to find a time to squeeze in a workout that doesn’t completely mess with my other obligations.  My children.  I work from 7am to 4pm.  I have to leave my house by 6am, and am home just before 5pm if I am lucky.  After 5pm, my husband has to go to work, and I take over the household duties.  My daughter needs help with homework, I have to sit with her and my son to read.  I have to cook dinner, eat dinner, and clean up after dinner.  I also have to pack lunches for the following day, lay out clothes for the kids for the next day, bathe the children, have them brush their teeth, and get them to bed.  Do some laundry if I have the time.  This takes up the majority of my evening, really it takes up all of it.  So, that leaves the mornings for me.  The only real time that I have to make for working out is in the mornings.  If I am to do this, I have to get up at 3am, get to the gym by 3:30am and work out till 4:30am.  I will get back home by 4:41am to shower and get dressed for the day, and leave for work by 6am.  I am very slow at getting ready in the mornings.  The only solution I can come up with is to schedule my entire day.  It seems like a daunting task, but entirely possible.  I want to try to start by attempting to workout in the mornings, three days out of the work week.  Unfortunately, this means I will need to start going to sleep earlier, and waking up earlier.  Starting tomorrow I will do my first work-out of the week.  I know once I start this habit my body will eventually adjust and I will be used to getting up early and going to sleep early!  🙂

Meal Prep, and cooking.  I honestly suck at meal prepping.  It’s a ton of work, and I am lazy.  I have limited time and honestly don’t want to use my time to meal prep.  In order to change for the better, and to take care of my body, I need to suck it up and plan my day better and have a designated time for preparing my food for the following day.  I know I sound like a whiny baby in this blog, but I am being honest about my feelings!

Having a sedentary job.  My job is an office job.  So, I spend most of my day sitting at a desk.  I am going to try my hardest to stand for at least half of the day.  I have a standing/sitting workstation, so I need to take advantage of it!  If you don’t, try and get up periodically to stretch, or walk.  I also work on the third floor, so instead of being lazy and taking the elevator, I am doing to do my best to take the stairs.  It may not seem big, but I know that making these small changes long term will benefit me.  Standing burns one and half more calories per hour than sitting.  Working at a sedentary job, and sitting most of the day, I actually feel more tired by the end of the day then if I had been standing all day or moving around.  It’s almost like the laziness just kicks in, and sitting all day just makes me want to sit around more!  Which is not conducive to being healthier, obviously.

Finding the motivation to get off my ass, and work out.  Having been inactive for such a long time, and accepting my inactive lifestyle, it has made me lose the motivation to get up and do it.  I don’t know how to overcome this, I am just trying to push myself harder by doing small extra things to be more active.  I am also going on instagram to look at motivational memes with quotes to inspire me to get out there and be active!  Life is amazing, and I want to experience it.  I don’t want to sit on the sidelines watching others do the things I want to do, I want to be doing them!  🙂  Maybe on my journey I will find more tips and tricks on how to get motivated, and I will share them, but this is a constant struggle for me personally.  Especially since I do have depression and doing every day tasks can seem so daunting!  Let alone going out and getting exercise.  I think that for now the best thing I can do is to take small steps in the right direction, and not beat myself over what I haven’t done, and focus on what I can do and will do.

Getting hungry at night, and succumbing to it.  I have a notoriously horrible habit of getting up in the middle of the night and eating.  Not only am I eating when I absolutely don’t need to, but I am consuming an ass ton of extra calories that I simply do not need.  To stop this bad habit, I am going to keep a bottle of water next to my bed at night.  When I wake up hungry, I am going to drink the water instead, this will also save me an unnecessary trip to the kitchen!  I will also keep junk out of my home so that when and if I do grab something to eat at night, it is a healthy, nutritious snack.  This is hard for me because honestly, when I get up to eat in the middle of the night, I usually want something sweet.  Like chocolate, or cereal…. or hot Cheetos.  Basically, crap that I shouldn’t be eating!

These are just some examples of my struggles, I am hoping to do my best to overcome them to achieve a healthier and better life.  Thanks for reading!