March 15, 2017 Workouts

I ate pretty healthy today, I just didn’t take the time to write it down. I eat almost the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch. I apologize that this is short, but I did a ton of running around today, and it’s already past my bedtime. I had a dr appointment this morning and went to work immediately after.  Anyway, onto the workouts…:

40 minute walk during lunch break

20 sit-ups 

8 crunches

8 leg raises

12 second plank 

10 minute arm workout 

My body is sore just from what I have done the last few days! But I sure do feel great! 


Author: Kelly Christine

My name is Kelly Flores, obviously. Former Soldier, currently working for the government and pursuing my creative hobbies. This blog is a variety blog, with the no particular primary focus yet, so I hope those who read it will take as much pleasure in reading it as I have taken in writing it. I am a recovering coffee addict, so the blog is titled appropriately. ;)

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