Weekly Weigh in and Initial Measurements

Weight: 237.3 (Gained 2.3lbs)

Neck: 14.75 in

Biceps: 15 in

Bust (w/sports bra): 44.5in

Smallest part of waist: 40 in

Waist measurement belly button: 45in

Muffin top/fat apron: 50 in

Largest part of hips: 50.25

Since my last post last week, I gained two pounds. I have only just taken all of my measurements this morning after going to the gym. I want to begin this post on a positive note.  I did get up on time this morning, at 3am, and made it to the gym.  I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, and 15 minutes on the elliptical, I did roughly over two miles.  Keep in mind that this is my very first workout in a lonnnnnggggg time.  After working out, I managed to come home and stretch.  I downloaded an app for a thirty day ab challenge, and completed day one.  The goal here is to start small, and build myself up to be stronger, better, and more healthy.  I also managed to squeeze in a meditation this morning! J

I went for a thirty minute walk this afternoon for my lunch break. I have to say that today is the first day in a while that I have felt consistently happier throughout the day, and more productive.

I made a schedule for myself to follow for the mornings, and afternoons when I get home to better manage my time, squeeze in a workout, get the sleep I need, and also take the time to prepare healthier meals and to not eat compulsively.

Usually as soon as I get home from work I head straight to the kitchen, and will start eating; a horrible habit that I am going to break, day by day, moment by moment. That’s all I can do is take it a moment at a time.  It’s embarrassing having relapsed, and admitting that I struggle with this problem with food.  I feel like talking about it and being honest with myself is helping.  I made zero progress this past week.  However, this is a new week, and I will do better.

In documenting this process, I have to document my failures as well as my success because I want other people to know that they aren’t alone, and that this journey to health and recovery (for any fellow binge eaters reading this) won’t be perfect. A success story isn’t all about success, it’s about failures too.  I won’t allow this failure to hinder my success.

I also struggle with depression, and had a really bad week. Pretty much was compulsively eating my feelings every evening, and the result of that, was my gaining weight.

However, I will say that today has been a really great day, and I am confident that I will make it through today. I have managed to stay well hydrated, and eat healthfully.  Night time is when I struggle the most, but again, my hopes are high for this evening!  I’ll be doing posts of weekly weigh ins/recaps/measurements.

I am going to do my best to post daily food diaries at the end of each day. This way, I am accountable for what I am eating!  I am not counting calories currently, for now, my ‘diet’ plan is to stay away from refined and processed sugars/carbohydrates.  I am trying to stick to natural foods, vegetables with whole grains and proteins.  I am going for more ‘low carbohydrate’ eating, but not completely cutting carbs out, just eating the ‘healthy carbs’.

I will also be posting which workouts I did that day, along with the food diaries.  It may be a bit inconsistent, but I will do my best.  I also want to document my fitness goals, as well, not just measure success by how much I weigh, but by what I am able to do physically.  I will be timing myself most likely at the end of the week on my two mile run, how many sit-ups and push-ups I can do in two minutes.  Yes, this resembles the army physical fitness test, this is the only way I really know how to measure my fitness as I was in the army for eight years, so I will be doing it this way, for now!

Overall, I am feeling really good about today and this week. I feel like it’s going to go really well because I am ready to commit to this, and have made a schedule that I can successfully stick to.


Author: Kelly Christine

My name is Kelly Flores, obviously. Former Soldier, currently working for the government and pursuing my creative hobbies. This blog is a variety blog, with the no particular primary focus yet, so I hope those who read it will take as much pleasure in reading it as I have taken in writing it. I am a recovering coffee addict, so the blog is titled appropriately. ;)

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh in and Initial Measurements”

  1. I am proud of you for making this change. I want to do this too! I’m barely pregnant and feel I have already gained 20lbs… After losing 80 the last couple years it will tear me up to get back at where I was. I know being pregnant will slow me down in some ways but shit I’m not handicapped. Lol I just need to get past this super tired stage…

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    1. Thank you love I appreciate your support, as always you are amazing. ❤ I admire you for all of the hard work you put into your fitness journey!! You inspire me so much. We can still go on walks and so workouts once you are out of the first trimester! 😘


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