February 22, 2017: Friendship and Pregnancy Announcements!

Today was all about friends, and it was a wonderful day.  First, I went to visit my dear friend and her new adorable baby.  After that, the kids and I went to get burritos and ate them at the park.  My cousin came to meet us at the park, it was so nice to see her!  We talked while the kids played, then she came to my place for a while.  My husband came home, and then I went off to hang out with my close friends:  Holly, Tiffany, and Loretta.  It was a last minute gathering, I got a text the night before calling for a girls night.

The big news was that Tiffany is pregnant!  I am so incredibly happy for her.  I was also able to announce my pregnancy to my friends.  I am feeling nervous and excited at the same time.  We haven’t told the kids yet, because we want to wait until the end of the first trimester.  This is our last baby, so we decided not to find out the gender of the baby, we want it to be a surprise.  I honestly don’t care which gender the baby is, as long as the baby is healthy.  I do have a feeling that it is a boy.  I could be wrong though!  🙂  We will have to wait until the end of October to find out. I think that this is when I am due, I don’t know the first day of my last period so I am unsure of the exact due date.  Tiffany is due mid October.  I feel pretty good, not too much nausea, I just feel really sleepy a lot of the time.  I am really happy that Tiffany and I are both pregnant at the same time. Going through this together is awesome!  I mean, I get to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend!  🙂

Until tomorrow.


Author: Kelly Christine

My name is Kelly Flores, obviously. Former Soldier, currently working for the government and pursuing my creative hobbies. This blog is a variety blog, with the no particular primary focus yet, so I hope those who read it will take as much pleasure in reading it as I have taken in writing it. I am a recovering coffee addict, so the blog is titled appropriately. ;)

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